We are dedicated to enhancing the human experience by highlighting the interconnectedness of beauty of culture from a global prospective. The fusion of various West African and Scandinavian elements are woven into a “quilt of consciousness” aimed to inspire the consumer in addition to the observer. Our use of bright and bold colors conjure emotions that are pure, lovely, and of good report into our timeless pieces.

 “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet”.

To be a “friend of color” is a constant reminder that we as humans are all connected and color is the catalyst. The color pink is symbolic to our brand because it is the universal color of love. When we use the color pink it is a reminder to us that as we honor our humanity, we must do so with love. The leopard is a mighty animal within the kingdom and it is the “spirit animal” to Amiga Negra. The old aphorism: “A Leopard can’t change his spots” is an allegoric framework and serves as a reminder to us to accept our spots and the spots of the others around us. The leopard teaches us to use our spots as our strength, and encourages us to stop hiding because of your own perceived weaknesses.

Amiga Negra not only gives you the ability to be unforgettably fashionable, it allows you to share an essential statement to the world. That statement is; the dream of dignity and respect for one another is possible and persistence with love is the key. 

Amiga Negra was born in New York City and made in Ghana. Streetwear for those who love the interconnectedness of culture, colors, and cool.